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As a company that builds software using Clarion, we often find it helpful to view our Clarion dictionaries (tables / fields) as diagrams. This is especially helpful when taking on an existing project, or when revisiting a project that you haven’t worked on for some time.

There are several tools on the market that offer similar functionality, but they never quite met our expectations. So in 2004 I started building Data Mapper as an in-house tool to assist our own product development.

Then in April 2006 several developers were asking on the Clarion newsgroups about what tool they could use to view graphical representations of their dictionaries. I replied and mentioned that I had built Data Mapper, and the rest (as they say) is history.

So what can it do?

In a nutshell, you open your Clarion Dictionary in the Clarion IDE, and export the Dictionary to a TXD file. You then import that TXD file into Data Mapper. Or, if you have Clarion 7 or later installed on your computer, Data Mapper will then be able to import your Dictionary (DCT) directly!

You can then use Data Mapper to easily create powerful diagrams, showing your tables, aliased tables, fields, keys, relationships, etc. Then, when you have the diagram looking just right, you can save it as an image file, which you could then email to your colleagues, your friends, your mom, whoever.

Data Mapper can also save your diagram views, print several reports, print diagrams, save diagrams to PDF, and more!


Yes, free.  Download the installer and install it using the password “Landy135”.

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5 March 2016

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  1. Darren Hans Bobella, USA

    Works like a charm, including all the relationships. I’ve got a bunch of 3rd party stuff but this tool is at the top of my list the second you released it.

  2. Greg Berthume, USA

    It’d be way cool if Carl Barnes, Steve Stockstill and Gary could get together and collaborate on the ultimate DM replacement!

  3. Joe Tailleur, Canada

    This has real potential for larger projects, especially if more than one developer is involved, and for doing redesign and dictionary clean-up planning. It is a wonderful little project!

  4. DB, USA

    What a little jewel this is. In the first 5 minutes is made life much easier.

  5. Jean-Pierre Gutsatz, France

    Bravo for the work done because it is excellent! Another MUST HAVE small tool for all of us.

  6. DB, USA

    What a fantastic tool!! I’ve got a project going right now for which I really need to be able to see the relationships visually. What a gem. For what I need, just being able to see the relationships visually makes things so much easier.

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