J-Cal is unquestionably the most modern-feeling calendar control available for Clarion today.

J-Cal was built when a high-quality calendar control was needed for Organize365. After testing every 3rdParty calendar tool available, we realized that if we wanted calendar controls that measured up to Outlook, we would have to build them ourselves. J-Cal took almost a year to build, but it was time well spent.

Since Organize365 was released, StrategyOnline has been inundated with emails from Clarion developers asking how the calendar was built. J-Cal has been released as a commercial product due to this interest and demand from the community.

Please note that in order to use J-Cal you will also need to own a license for J-Flow, and that J-Cal only supports Clarion 6 and later.

Does this use ActiveX controls?

No, J-Cal does not use any ActiveX controls, and it does not use Outlook.

The calendar control itself is wrapped up in two DLLs (source code not included). One built using Clarion, and one built using C++. We are not simply using Clarion listboxes for this, we’re actually rendering the entire control ourselves using the Win32 API / GDI.

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