Lassalle Technologies produce the best flow diagram control on the market, called “AddFlow”. AddFlow is an OCX control written in C++. J-Flow is a template that enables you to use this control (very easily) in Clarion applications.

How does it work?

You add the J-Flow template to your Clarion application. The template then exposes a Clarion class called “J-Flow”. You simply call methods in this class, which in turn talk to the J-Flow DLL, which in turn talks to the AddFlow control.

The complexity of the underlying code is completely contained inside the J-Flow DLL (making use of the brilliant COM classes created by Plugware). All you have to do is add the template to your application, and work with the simple, well documented Clarion class.

And in English?

It’s the best tool available for adding flow diagrams into Clarion applications. Want to draw a node? 1 line of code. Want to draw a link between 2 nodes? 1 line of code. Want to move or align a bunch of nodes? 1 line of code. It’s completely event driven, meaning that you can very easily react when a user clicks on a node, drags something, etc.

You get to implement the best flow diagram control on the market, without having to deal with the complexities.