Product Description

Most popular software (including almost everything written by Microsoft) supports the ability for the user to press F7 in order to check their spelling. J-Spell adds that exact functionality to your own Clarion applications!

How do I implement it?

All you need to do is install J-Spell, add the “J-Spell Global Extension Template” to your Clarion APP, and then recompile. When your users run your EXE, they will then be able to press the F7 key at any time to check their spelling!

How does it work?

J-Spell will generate code into your APP so that when the F7 key is pressed, J-Spell will establish which of your fields currently has focus. J-Spell will then establish what type of field that is (an Entry control, a Text control, and RTF control, etc), and will open up its own little “Spell Check” window (shown on the right of this page) listing any incorrectly spelt words, and offering suggestions. This window looks like the Microsoft spell check window, so most users will feel comfortable using it – it works exactly the same way that spell checking works in most other software, including Microsoft Office, Outlook Express, and so on.

The great thing about J-Spell is that it DOES NOT use Microsoft Word as the underlying spelling engine! Instead, it uses an open-source spelling engine called aSpell, which is also used by the likes of Opera and UltraEdit. And the “Spell Checking” window that appears when your users press the F7 key is actually a Clarion window, which we wrote, so we (and you) can control how it behaves, looks, and feels.

The fact that we are using aSpell as the underlying engine also means that your users do NOT have to have Microsoft Word installed in order for J-Spell to work. In fact, you can ship everything that your users will need as part of your own installation!