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Tooltips are the easiest thing in the world to add to our APPs.

As you populate a field onto a window, or as you create a field in your dictionary, simply take a few seconds to jot down what the field is for. These tips are instantly available to your users, while they’re working on your screens, without having to go and scratch around in your documentation unnecessarily.

But “normal” tooltips leave a lot to be desired.

Firstly, they appear for a few seconds, then they disappear, leaving most users wondering where they went and how to get them back again.

Second, the default tips aren’t terribly nice to look at. Plain, bright yellow rectangles, often with badly formatted text.

Enter J-Tooltips…

Simply add the J-Tooltips template to your APP, and recompile.

You will then notice little “question marks” at the top of each window in your APP, as shown above.

If users click on this question mark, their mouse cursor changes to a little pointer with a question mark next to it. They can then click on anything on your screen, and your tooltip for that field will be displayed in a nicely formatted box, over which you have complete control.



Yes, free. Download the installer and install it using the password “NowICit6831”.