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J-Zip enables you to add ZIP / UNZIP capabilities to your Clarion applications, using simple-to-use code templates.

J-Zip is actually a template wrapper around the highly respected 7-Zip product, which you can distribute (as a single EXE) with your own software free of charge!

J-Zip is arguably the easiest way to add compression to your Clarion application – one code template to create a ZIP, one code template to extract a ZIP, no hand-coding required whatsoever!

J-Zip uses 7-Zip for the actual compression, which many regard as the best compression library available (even better than WinZIP, WinRAR, etc).

How do I implement it?

All you need to do is install J-Zip, and add the “J-Zip Global Extension Template” to your Clarion APP. You can then use code templates to create or extract ZIP files from anywhere within your application!  It couldn’t be easier!


Yes, free. Download the installer and install it using the password “Small54321”.