The One About Our Clarion Libraries Being Free

StrategyOnline officially opened its doors in the January of 2006.  I had been working at CapeSoft for several years, and decided to start my own company doing what I had been doing at CapeSoft – building Clarion code libraries.

Our first product was J-Flow, which did reasonably well and largely funded the first few months of the business.  Over the next few years I built another 16 Clarion libraries, and our client base expanded significantly.

However, the business changed direction in 2009 / 2010 when we licensed our Money Manager product to Nedbank.  Since then we have gradually transformed from a Clarion development company to a fintech company.  Today, we have over a dozen projects running in two South African banks, and our focus in 2018 will be to expand these projects within the existing banks, and to try and break into new markets.

That’s going to keep us very busy.

For that reason, we have decided to formally wind down some of our other projects, including our Clarion accessories.

More than 50% of the work that StrategyOnline does is still developed in Clarion, and I remain a massive fan of the language.  We have no intention of moving away from Clarion any time soon.

All of the Clarion accessories that we have built over the years were actually built first and foremost for our own use, because we needed them.  The decision to release some of that code to the public always came later.  We will continue to support the tools that we actively use and depend on, and we will continue to maintain and release that code to the public as it evolves organically.  However, we are no longer able to provide support for the use of these libraries, or to add new functionality that we do not specifically need ourselves.

For these reasons, and to express our gratitude to the Clarion community who enabled me to start StrategyOnline more than a decade ago, we have decided to give back.  As of today, the majority of our Clarion products will be available free of charge.  Please feel free to download them and use them in your own projects.  All of these products are mature, and have been field-tested by hundreds or thousands of developers for many years.  They’re yours to use.

We will be making more of the products available for free over the coming months.  A few of them will remain paid-for either because we will still be actively supporting these products (although this will be the vast minority), or because there are licensing agreements in place whereby other developers earn royalties from the sale of the code.  We will also be going through our internal repositories, and releasing as much code as we can for free, and ideally as open-source where possible.

This process will take some time, but that’s the direction we are going in.

I hope this adds value to your businesses, and thank you all sincerely for supporting us over the years.



October 14th, 2017|

About the Author:

Gary is the founder and CEO of StrategyOnline. More info on Gary can be found here.

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