The one to see if this thing still works…


It has been 1,205 days since the last blog post.

I honestly have no idea where to start here, considering how much has happened and changed over the past three years.



Since the last time I posted, StrategyOnline has relocated from Cape Town to Johannesburg.  We have grown from two projects in one bank to eight projects in two banks.  And we’ve done a few other things that I’ll be able to talk about in the near future.

Things have been busy.  Ridiculously busy.  Hence not posting anything here in three years.

But this will change.

As 2017 starts winding to a close and I begin my annual pilgrimage of introspective reflection / contemplation / panic, I’m going to make some changes and big decisions, and I’ll use the blog to share some of these thoughts.

So if you find yourself reading this, thank you for your time.  Because that’s what it’s all about right ?  Time.

OK.  That’s my attempt and kicking this off again.

Chat soon,


October 14th, 2017|

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