The website revamp is taking shape. I still need to remove / redo some of the cheesy sales-sounding text (no idea how that got there), but we’re getting there.

Over the past few weeks a number of potential clients and partners have asked me how they can see examples of the work we have done. Apparently the answer was “with difficulty”. It does help in business if you actually show people what you have done (as opposed to what you say you can do), so I’ve rectified this by building a portfolio page which will showcase our work.

There’s still a lot to be done, but we’re making progress. At the moment we’ve only added four projects (although they were all fairly large, “high-profile” I suppose, and technically quite diverse pieces of work). I still want to add some “behind the scenes” info to each project on how we designed and built them, and any other interesting info that I think might be of interest. And then we’ll add more projects to the portfolio over the coming days. Finding screenshots for things we built years ago is proving to be a bit of a challenge :).

On a personal note it’s actually great to be putting this content together. It feels like it should be documented somewhere. And it does add value in that at least we’re spreading the word about what we’ve actually delivered. I’m far more interested in what people have actually done than what they say they can do, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that thinking.

Anyway, more to come. And at least now we have two blog posts (since I deleted all of the previous ones last week).

Chat soon,