I’ve been fairly frustrated by our site for some time now.

Our last blog post was from 2014! We had information on our Nedbank Money Manager product which was discontinued two years ago. We still had links to our Clarion code libraries which we stopped developing a decade ago! Good grief. How did that happen?

Being busy.

It came up again in a conversation earlier today when someone told me that they had gone to our website to see what we had been working on the past two years, but our website was exactly the same as the last time they visited two years ago. Point taken. Time to sort it out.

So I logged in, updated the WordPress core and plugins, broke a lot, fixed a lot, and then deleted a lot.

We’ve gone from over 400 pages down to five. Six if you include this blog post. I deleted all of the old blog posts and decided to start fresh.

We have been incredibly busy these past few years. Too busy to keep the website up to date apparently. We’ll do better going forward. My first goal will be to redo the Home / About Us / What We Do pages – those feel not only outdated, but quite cheesy if I’m honest. Sorry about that :). We’ll come up with something better soon.

And then I’m also going to blog more. Even just something short and to the point like this.

Thanks for your time and interest in reading this.

Here we go…