Our business is about exceptional people. At 23 our founder and CEO was being invited to speak at international tech conferences. At 25 he was featured in a book of the greatest South African inventors of all time. Today we work with some of South Africa’s largest companies, and have clients in over 40 countries.

We are not a typical digital agency. We don’t use software to implement design. We create software to implement imagination.

The Past

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Our origins are in very low-level code. Gary started receiving recognition as a programmer at age 14. He spent most of his 20’s working as a lead developer for one of the top companies in the world specializing in developing generic code libraries. Gary worked on a wide range of technologies, including encryption, software automation and COM-based cross-platform object integration. Gary started his own company in 2006, and within two years had a client-base that spanned 40 countries. StrategyOnline’s thoroughbred tech roots give us our edge over traditional agencies.

The Present

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Within a year of starting StrategyOnline, Gary developed a personal financial management application which received a fair amount of attention in the press. We were approached by two of South Africa’s largest banks, and ultimately partnered with Nedbank, who licensed the software. That relationship changed the course of StrategyOnline, and since then we have built numerous other solutions for both Nedbank, and other financial institutions. We have also increasingly found ourselves being called on to provide consulting and advisory services.

The Future

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Looking back over the past 10 years, the range of what we have delivered is immensely broad. From UX and design work, to websites, apps on every imaginable platform, consulting, project management, input and assistance with business strategy. This depth of ability has earned us a reputation as a “go-to” company capable of delivering a broad range of IT services. Clearly defining “what we do”, increasing our exposure, and scaling our offering without ever compromising on our quality are three of our core focus areas moving forward.

Meet Our Founder

Gary James
Gary JamesCEO / CTO
Gary founded StrategyOnline in 2006. Gary comes from a very deep technical background, and has built solutions in use by numerous governments, military’s, and more than half of the Fortune Global 500. At 25 he was featured in a book of the greatest South African inventors of all time. Gary wears both the CEO and CTO hats for the company.

We don’t just implement technology. We invent it.

Development Tools

StrategyOnline was founded as a company that built code for other software development companies. Over the past 10 years, we have developed and sold code to thousands of software engineers in over 40 countries. While most digital agencies come from strong marketing and design backgrounds, and then move into the tech space, we went the other way round. This gives us a massive edge in our ability to innovate and execute – because “tech” is our first language.

Content Tools

When it comes to designing, building, and deploying content, we make use of numerous best-in-class products and methodologies. However, we have also developed our own engines which we can feed content through in order to take compression, optimization, deployment, code-reuse and integrated analytics to a whole other level. We have frequently gone head to head with some of the largest agencies in South Africa, and came out on top.


While we have a very diverse client list, we have spent most of the past decade focusing primarily on the financial services sector. For that reason, we seem to have specialized as a Fintech provider. We have been a preferred Innovation Partner of Nedbank’s since 2009, and have brought a number of innovative, best-in-breed solutions to the market. These include Personal Money Manager, e-Learning Solutions, and most recently an end-to-end iPad Kiosk product.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.

StrategyOnline is the natural coming together of like-minded, highly skilled and experienced individuals, who want to achieve the same things.

We Are Creative

Every member of our team is united by a common trait – creativity. Regardless of our technical disciplines and backgrounds, the desire to create runs deep at StrategyOnline.

We Are Skilled

StrategyOnline was formed out of a desire to avoid complacency. We are all experts in our fields, wanting to utilize our unique skills to do great things.

We Are Passionate

Business isn’t a way to pay the bills. Business is an opportunity to create, to add value, to improve life.

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