Learning Management System

In 2017 we developed a Learning Management System (LMS) for Nedbank (one of South Africa’s largest banks), to specifically address the issue of deploying learning content online to regions with poor bandwidth.

The LMS was such a success that we were then approached by two other banks in South Africa who also adopted our platform to deliver their online training. Please scroll down to find out more information about this offering.

Gary has always been extremely reliable in delivering the right products within budget and always on time. He also provides valuable guidance during the development process as he has a broad knowledge base which is used to enhance the product offering.
Brett Kinmont, Senior Manager, Nedbank Digital
Thank you for your assistance. I truly believe that the LMS platform that you developed for us is a great system.
Elaine Schlechter, Executive Wealth Management, Nedbank Namibia
I believe the LMS platform which you have developed for Nedbank adds a lot of value within the ROA space. It creates a platform for users to access and address our training needs easily and in a logical and understandable way. The MI allows us the opportunity to proactively manage and drive regulatory components throughout all subsidiaries.

I appreciate the fact that Gary as CEO of the company is hands on and really goes out of his way to accommodate us. Your approach, understanding and client centricity is remarkable. I look forward to the next phase of the journey with you and believe this is the start of something great.

Kenny Morton, Head of Compliance and Governance, Nedbank Africa
StrategyOnline delivered a best in industry interactive online solution for Nedbank Africa. Gary’s attention to detail is infallible and his research into the local technology constraints, utilization and user behavior within the varying African countries lends itself to his professional and exemplary delivery.

The flexibility of the team at StrategyOnline during the engagement on this project was unique and this for us was the attribute that set StrategyOnline apart from other vendors.

Antoinette Lambe, Head of Learning and Development, Nedbank
I have always found Gary to be highly intelligent, innovative and extremely professional. He always brings his “A” game, and makes it his priority to ensure that Nedbank, as a client, is happy. Gary is honest, transparent, and highly ethical. Gary is a shining example of an individual that lives the values that Nedbank holds dear. I can, without any hesitation, recommend Gary and will gladly vouch for his flawless work ethic and approach to his profession.
Lee Albertyn, Head of Virtual Channels, Nedbank
Gary has been an absolute pleasure to work with. His quality of work and willingness to go the extra mile are second to none. He always offers a great perspective that often allows us to take initiatives to the next level. Gary’s knowledge and expertise have no bounds.
Ryan Scerri, Head of Mobile, Nedbank

Built for Africa, in Africa

When we were approached by Nedbank and asked to develop an online learning platform for Africa, the brief was that it needed to be fast, lightweight, scalable, and bank-grade secure.

Those were our primary priorities. Deploying content into low-bandwidth environments like Africa is challenging, and the various banks we have worked with had all tried other off-the-shelf LMS platforms, which had failed. The reason for this is that many off-the-shelf solutions are built for countries where fast, stable internet connections are assumed. That is not the case in Africa, so we needed to build something special. Which we did.

Powerful, flexible, easy-to-use functionality

Our platform offers a comprehensive range of functionality to meet your training needs, including:

  • A sophisticated drag-and-drop interface to develop courses / lessons / topics / assessments in any structure you choose.
  • A comprehensive, yet easy-to-use per-course / per-assessment configuration screen where you can use default settings, or customize every aspect of the learning experience to meet your requirements.
  • We support every possible type of digital content which you can include and mix-and-match in your courses. This includes videos, podcasts, standard html / images / PowerPoint decks, gamification, and every type and version of SCORM and Tin Can.
  • Powerful, integrated assessment builder. Build as many assessments as you need to, at any stage in a course, using over 25 different built-in question types. Assessments can be automatically graded, or sent to moderators for essay-style questions. Automated issuing of certificates of completion, course progression, etc.
  • Content can be deployed to individuals, groups, business units, etc.
  • Content drip-feeds, automated reminders, automated escalation, etc.
  • Comprehensive reporting and dashboards, and also automated data feeds that can be pulled into other dashboard / analytics systems.

More than just a platform

We regard our platform as world-class, and so do our clients. But we offer more than a platform, we offer a team.

Over the years we have worked with many of the best educational specialists, instructional designers and developers, multi-media specialists, animators, and UX specialists in the country. We can offer any and all of these services to you as well, as needed.

This is yet another key differentiator between us and our competitors. We are not simply selling someone else’s technology, as many companies do. It’s our own technology, all built and maintained in-house. Everything can be customized for your needs, and we can offer the full range of educational and content-creation services on top of that.

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