Welcome to Money Manager

“Money Manager adds an unprecedented layer of usefulness to the electronic statement medium.” – Microsoft, 2010.

Money Manager is proudly powered by Nedbank.

Currently the most widely used Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool in South Africa, Money Manager takes the hassle out of managing your finances.

With one click, Money Manager can import your bank statements, automatically classify your transactions, and show you exactly where your money is going each month.

Unlike other tools, Money Manager uses advanced technology to actually learn from you while you’re using it, so it can better understand how you think about money, and about your financial life.

With Money Manager you can now easily keep on top of your financial matters. Know exactly where your money is going each month, plan accordingly, and keep your finger on your financial pulse. All with minimal effort.

More information on Money Manager can be found on Money Manager’s website, at www.MoneyManager.co.za.

Thank you. I have used QuickBooks and Microsoft Money in the past. Money Manager was one of the main reasons I moved my account to Nedbank, it is a great product.

Ewald Fock

Money Manager is fantastic. With the latest version I have actually been able to set a budget that I can understand, for the first time in 8 years.

Gavin Goodwin

Money Manager is the single product that revolutionized my whole financial thinking.

Ann Johnson

I run a bookkeeping company and Money Manager has made my business more efficient in my dealings with clients, I highly recommend it. Your software has changed my business and continues to make my life simpler with each build.

Stuart Beacham

A very neat and useful tool. Quick and easy to get started and use. Definitely recommended for small business and individuals.

Peter Mansfield

Money Manager has helped me get a grip on my spending habits. I love it!

Norio De Sousa

Money Manager is amazing and definitely simplifies the day to day running of a small business.

William Allison

We’ve been using Money Manager for years and love it! I use it to summarize my income and expenses for my small accommodation business. I honestly don’t know how I’d run my business without this software. Thank you so much!

Carol Sachs