Digital Channel Demos

We develop all of Nedbank’s client-facing interactive demos, showing clients how to use Nedbank’s digital channels.

These currently include Cellphone Banking, SMS Banking, and Internet Banking. We do this for Nedbank South Africa, Nedbank Rest-of-Africa, and Nedbank Private Wealth.

These demos have been accessed by almost 1/4 of Nedbank’s total client base, adding significant value to their digital channel investment and contributing significantly to both uptake and analytics.

StrategyOnline delivered a best in industry interactive online solution for Nedbank. Gary’s attention to detail is infallible and his research into the local technology constraints, utilization and user behavior lends itself to his professional and exemplary delivery. The flexibility of the team at StrategyOnline during the engagement on this project was unique and this for us was the attribute that set StrategyOnline apart from other vendors.
Antoinette Lambe, Head of Learning and Development, Nedbank
Gary has always been extremely reliable in delivering the right products within budget and always on time. He also provides valuable guidance during the development process as he has a broad knowledge base which is used to enhance the product offering.
Brett Kinmont, Senior Manager, Nedbank Digital
I have always found Gary to be highly intelligent, innovative and extremely professional. He always brings his “A” game, and makes it his priority to ensure that Nedbank, as a client, is happy. Gary is honest, transparent, and highly ethical. Gary is a shining example of an individual that lives the values that Nedbank holds dear. I can, without any hesitation, recommend Gary and will gladly vouch for his flawless work ethic and approach to his profession.
Lee Albertyn, Head of Virtual Channels, Nedbank
Gary has been an absolute pleasure to work with. His quality of work and willingness to go the extra mile are second to none. He always offers a great perspective that often allows us to take initiatives to the next level. Gary’s knowledge and expertise have no bounds.
Ryan Scerri, Head of Mobile, Nedbank
I appreciate the fact that Gary as CEO of the company is hands on and really goes out of his way to accommodate us. Your approach, understanding and client centricity is remarkable. I look forward to the next phase of the journey with you and believe this is the start of something great.
Kenny Morton, Head of Compliance and Governance, Nedbank Africa

What we were solving

Digital channels are obviously a massive part of any modern bank. Typically these include internet banking, the banking app, and then possibly also “legacy platforms” such as SMS-Banking, WAP, USSD, etc.

Over the past 15 years we have worked on all of Nedbank’s digital channels in some shape or form, and in 2015 we were asked to develop a solution that addressed:

  • Creating client awareness of the various channels, and of the functionality available on each channel.
  • Educating and assisting clients with how to use those channels.

How we solved it

Working with a brilliant UX specialist, we came up with a design for self-guided, interactive “demos”, which quickly and easily guided clients through common functionality across all of the banks channels.

Our solution had a massive impact on channel uptake, and many of our “tutorials” ended up as the number one search result on Google, ahead of the bank’s own product pages. We were able to not only educate and guide clients on how to use the bank’s channels, but could also drive traffic from the guides back to the channels, and even to other more efficient / effective channels that offered the same functionality – essentially encouraging clients to move from older channels to newer ones.

We also managed to collect an enormous amount of data around what clients were looking for, where they ended up, where they were battling and what could be improved within the channels, and so forth. What started off as a fairly narrowly-scoped “education” project ended up being a powerful analytics tools, that could then be incorporated into product development decisions, as well as drive not only uptake but also sales.

Additionally, it felt very rewarding when Apple released a “Help” widget on their iPads and iPhones a year later, which was almost a carbon-copy of what we had come up with for Nedbank. Clearly our design and thinking was on point.

Could this benefit you?

We could easily deliver a similar solution to not only other banks, but to any organization with digital tools and channels that clients need to be aware of, and learn to use.

If you happen to work for an organization that you think could benefit from this sort of work, please contact us, we’d love to explore what we could deliver for you in more detail.

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