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In 2016 we developed an iPad application for Nedbank Private Wealth. The brief was to effectively replace all paper-based material (brochures, forms, fact sheets, etc.) with a single digital tablet-based experience, providing the banker with all of the content they may need during a client conversation, in an easy to use, rapidly accessible, highly impressive digital format.

On top of that we developed detailed analytics, conversation tracking, recommended suggestions, and so forth, and then fed all of that back into a custom-built backend which we also developed for the bank.

We built all of the technology for this project, but did work in collaboration with a digital agency on the screen designs and digital brochureware.

Gary has been an absolute pleasure to work with. His quality of work and willingness to go the extra mile are second to none. He always offers a great perspective that often allows us to take initiatives to the next level. Gary’s knowledge and expertise have no bounds.
Ryan Scerri, Head of Mobile, Nedbank
Gary has always been extremely reliable in delivering the right products within budget and always on time. He also provides valuable guidance during the development process as he has a broad knowledge base which is used to enhance the product offering.
Brett Kinmont, Senior Manager, Nedbank Digital
StrategyOnline delivered a best in industry interactive online solution for Nedbank. Gary’s attention to detail is infallible and his research into the local technology constraints, utilization and user behavior lends itself to his professional and exemplary delivery. The flexibility of the team at StrategyOnline during the engagement on this project was unique and this for us was the attribute that set StrategyOnline apart from other vendors.
Antoinette Lambe, Head of Learning and Development, Nedbank
I have always found Gary to be highly intelligent, innovative and extremely professional. He always brings his “A” game, and makes it his priority to ensure that Nedbank, as a client, is happy. Gary is honest, transparent, and highly ethical. Gary is a shining example of an individual that lives the values that Nedbank holds dear. I can, without any hesitation, recommend Gary and will gladly vouch for his flawless work ethic and approach to his profession.
Lee Albertyn, Head of Virtual Channels, Nedbank
I appreciate the fact that Gary as CEO of the company is hands on and really goes out of his way to accommodate us. Your approach, understanding and client centricity is remarkable. I look forward to the next phase of the journey with you and believe this is the start of something great.
Kenny Morton, Head of Compliance and Governance, Nedbank Africa

What we were solving

As mentioned above, we were asked to basically create a tablet-based solution for a banking team who at that stage were carrying around briefcases full of paper-brochures, along with their own assortment of PowerPoints and spreadsheets which they were showing clients.

The goal was to replace all of that with a tablet, where bankers would be able to meet with clients and use a single tablet application to not only display any product information and fund fact-sheets, but to also track the conversation – track what the client expressed interest in, wanted more information on, and so forth.

How we solved it

We developed an iPad application which first and foremost included both high-level, but also detailed product information for every product that the bank offers.

We then worked with the bank to develop a secure feed of all of their fund fact-sheets, which they could then publish directly to the app on a weekly / monthly basis.

After that we built in the ability to track the conversation, which essentially recorded page views as the banker navigated through the app with a client. We obviously tied that to the client ID, and also pulled through date/time and GPS data to log the entire encounter. Clients could also express interest in any particular product / service / offering, either to look into in more detail and / or to receive additional information on after the meeting.

Where clients asked for more info, as soon as the banker concluded the meeting we automatically assembled all of the requested information in the cloud, and emailed that to the client in a beautifully formatted email, which the client would receive before the banker had even left the room.

The entire app ran offline, to ensure zero connectivity issues while with a client, but synchronized back to the cloud in the background whenever internet connectivity was present, where it was all logged into a backend CRM system which we plugged into via a custom layer that we also developed.

Could this benefit you?

We could easily deliver a similar solution to not only other banks, but to any organization that meets with clients in person.

If you happen to work for an organization that you think could benefit from this sort of work, please contact us, we’d love to explore what we could deliver for you in more detail.

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