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StrategyOnline is a technology / software development company which was founded in South Africa in 2006. We have offices in South Africa and also in Sweden, but work with clients across the globe.

The fist half of our journey was focused primarily on developing code libraries for other software developers. At our peak we had clients in over 40 countries, and our code was used by more than half of the Fortune Global 500.

For the past decade we have worked mostly in fintech, having worked on projects for the majority of the major South African banks. We developed the most popular personal financial management platform in South Africa, as well as the online learning platform used by three of the largest banks.

More recently we have also started innovating in the elderly-care sector. We are already piloting a new solution in this space, and will be announcing more details later this year.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for your time and interest.

How we add value


The most important part of software development takes place away from code, away from keyboards. It takes place at the human level, where we make absolutely certain that we deeply understand you, your business, your needs.


One of our core beliefs is that with StrategyOnline our clients will always work with our top people. We don’t land clients, and then outsource the work or hand over to junior staff. With us, you always get the core team. This does limit our ability to grow, and for this reason we will remain a small, niche agency. But we believe that is exactly what gives us our edge.


Another key differentiator when using StrategyOnline is our deep technical background. We have a very broad view of technology, and our thinking is not limited or restricted to the latest tech stack, or what our dev team or outsourced dev agency is capable of doing. We are true technologists, with a breadth of tech skill that is not found in most agencies. We deliver. In 20 years we have a perfect record for delivering every single project we have ever taken on, on time, within budget, and with zero issues. That’s what we do.


Projects don’t end once we hand them over. We are honestly as interested and invested in their uptake and impact as you are. We take our work very personally. We can assist with all aspects of project deployment. Whether it’s hardware, software, architecture, compliance, risk, legal, or human. We can assist, and work with your team as needed.


Once you are up and running, we absolutely guarantee you that we will be around for the long haul. Whatever you need from us, it’s yours. We are not a solution supplier, we are a business partner. You are in good hands.

I have worked with Gary on a number of projects over the past several years, initially with the implementation of his Nedbank Money Manager application and more recently we have used his diverse skills to enhance our marketing campaigns in our branch networks. Gary has always been extremely reliable in delivering the right products within budget and always on time. He also provides valuable guidance during the development process as he has a broad knowledge base which is used to enhance the product offering. I would recommend Gary based on the good relationship we have had between our organisation and his business over the years.

Brett Kinmont, Senior Channel Manager, Virtual Sales, Nedbank

Gary has been an absolute pleasure to work with. His quality of work and willingness to go the extra mile are second to none. He always offers a great perspective that often allows us to take initiatives to the next level. Gary’s knowledge and expertise have no bounds.

Ryan Scerri, Head of Mobile Channels, Nedbank

Gary delivered a best in industry interactive online solution for Nedbank Africa. His attention to detail is infallible and his research into the local technology constraints, utilization and user behavior within the varying African countries lends itself to his professional and exemplary delivery. The flexibility of the team at StrategyOnline during the engagement on this project was unique and this for us was the attribute that set StrategyOnline apart from other vendors

Antoinette Lambe, Head of Learning and Development, Integrated Channels, Nedbank

Gary has always impressed me with his resourcefulness, his personal character, and his ability to create truly useful software.

Dave Harms, Editor, Clarion Magazine

Gary James is one of the most qualified professionals I have had the honour to do business with. The quality of his work is undisputed.

Bjarne Havnen, Product Manager, AdiTech (Norway)

Gary is the type of guy you can depend on to bring a solution to the table. He is technically agile in many areas and with this brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to augment any existing development or team. We can work independently or with a team to provide an end to end solution. Gary is a professional in his industry. He can easily communicate with people at all levels and speaks with confidence and from a position of strength. He has attention to detail and can look at the big picture as well which means his holistic approach is a very rare find.

David Swindon, CIO, Trustco Group Holdings Ltd (Namibia)

I have always found Gary to be highly intelligent, innovative and extremely professional. He always brings his “A” game, and makes it his priority to ensure that Nedbank, as a client, is happy. Gary is honest, transparent, and highly ethical. Gary is a shining example of an individual that lives the values that Nedbank holds dear. I can, without any hesitation, recommend Gary and will gladly vouch for his flawless work ethic and approach to his profession.

Lee Albertyn, Head of Virtual Channels, Nedbank

Gary is one of the top software developers that I have worked with in my twenty plus years in this profession.

Joseph Ryan, CIO, HomeNet (America)

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